Argameols and Nantycorn Gundogs

Welcome to our website , dedicated to working bird-dogs in the United Kingdom.

This is the home-page of Meryl and Peter Asbury. A  small private kennel, whose aim is to produce top quality shooting companions and competitive field-trial dogs.

The dogs are used for shooting, field trials and bird counting. Between the two of us this adds up to about 120 days a year!

Our dogs are trained at home and we try to breed our own replacements. We occasionally have puppies, part-trained youngsters or trained adults for sale.

We hope you enjoy our web site. Please feel free to look around and follow all the links. The Photo Gallery contains pictures of the World Championships for pointing breeds, which we recently attended in Belgium.

Latest news..................

Note the updated changes on the  Field Trial home page and the UK Field Trial page in the Photo Gallery, which includes a video of the 2008 Champion Stake. To watch the video first click on Photo Gallery, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the photo link.

Bird Dogs.

"Bird dogs" is a general term to describe dogs which point game-birds using air scent.
The "UK" breeds are the Pointer, the English Setter, the Irish Red Setter, the Irish Red and White Setter and the Gordon Setter .
The "Continental" breeds are the Hunt/Point/Retrieve group of gundogs .

It is not the purpose of this site to go into great depth on the individual breeds but to give a broad overview of their purpose and how we use them in the UK. Whilst admiring ANY good working dogs, this site is primarily about the "UK" breeds. There are web sites which specialise, with great depth and knowledge, in the individual breeds and we refer many of them to you in our links column on our Contact Us Page.


Shooting over bird dogs is one of the most exciting aspects of field sports and is in high demand. Please click the picture or click the 'About Us' button at the top of the page and follow the link.

Field Trials for bird dogs remain as popular as ever with oversubscribed stakes and over sixty days of trialling a year, culminating in the Puppy Derby and the Champion Stake. The names and telephone numbers of field trial secretaries are on the Field Trial page.


Counting game birds is a very important part of a bird dogs work. Please click on the picture for further information or click on the 'About Us' button at the top of the page and follow the link.